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Who we are
1 UP Cash & Carry is a people’s store combining retail and wholesale trading in basic household commodities. After years of experience, the group now has a total of 9 branches across the Boland and the Cape metropole.
What sets us apart?
1UP makes a big difference in the lives of small traders because we re-package stock into smaller and affordable bulk packs. Making it affordable for house shops to buy from us, so it is affordable for their customers. Bring basic needs to the doorstep of local communities to save them transport costs.
What about the general public?
Housewives love our well-stocked outlets for good prices. The public can also save on small bulk packs. We offer more affordable, proudly South African goods. Our new flagship Epping branch offers a state-of-the-art and pleasant shopping environment that brims with activity, excellent service and special pricing.
Founding values, mission and vision
1UP is sensitive to the needs and respects the dignity of customers, most of whom are from marginalised communities. 1UP values community building and the diversity of our people. Part of our mission and vision is to expand the business by providing good service and competitiveness in retail and wholesale, which will help our community-based suppliers and informal traders grow their businesses. Bring basic necessities to local communities' doorsteps to save them money on transportation.
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